Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Trust for the National Mall is Not Our Friend.

Why we should boycott the Landmark Music Festival, September 25-26, 2015

Because the Trust for the National Mall is not a friend to Free Speech on the National Mall. Two
dangerous precedents are being created with this concert.
1. It is a large profit-making event on the Mall. Fee based ticketed event.
2. It is using the West Potomac Park off the traditional free speech area of the Mall.
This is the space the Trust and the NPS want to hold all future events. This is bad because
it will silence Free Speech by pushing them to the literal side line and bringing large
corporate sponsors front and center.

National Park Service – Run watch over all of the National Mall
NPS Director, Jon Jarvis
Trust President, Caroline Cunningham (2012 salary $331,000)
Trust for the National Mall – They are the official “fundraising” group for the National  Mall/NPS.

Corporations: Altria-Philip Morris - Executive on Trust Board.
Volkswagen - Large sponsor
Coca Cola - Large Sponsor
Miller Highlife Beer – Landmark Festival Sponsor
C3 Presents – Austin based entertainment production company. In addition to the Landmark Music Festival they also produce Austin City Limits, and Lollapalooza Festivals.


This summer the new NPS Director’s Order #21  regarding sponsorship rules revision will be
unveiled. They will be specifically written to benefit ALL the work the Trust does. The public
will have a 30 day comment period in July. With the final draft being presented to Director
Jarvis in October. It is possible between July and October to significantly pressure the
National Park Service.

Important Dates

May-June 2015 NPS finishes up revision to Director’s Order #21, related to sponsorship
rules in National Parks/National Mall
June-July Smithsonian Folklife Festival, largest event target by the new turf regulations, 72
hour rule. The Folklife Festival is celebrating its 47th year and does have permanent
reservations for the two week period.
July 2015 Public Comment Period for Director’s Order #21
September 26-27, 2015 Landmark Festival (Drake, Wale, Ex Hex, Dr. John, The Kills)
October 2015 New DO #21 delivered to Director and Dep. Director of NPS

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